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  Hebert Foundry & Machine has been in the Brass/Bronze sand casting industry for nearly 100 years as a family owned and operated business. HFM produces high quality, pressure tight castings both on-time and on-budget. Our highly trained staff, with over a hundred years of combined experience, will work with your company to determine the appropriate material and pattern to address your brass/bronze sand casting needs.

Our dedicated staff, including engineers, patternmakers and metallurgists, will lend their expertise to assist your company from prototype design and production; to casting your brass/bronze product; to final casting machining and assembly. Our goal is to assist your company in designing and producing the most efficient and cost effective brass casting or bronze casting that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. There is no need for your company to waste time and resources scheduling production of your brass/bronze sand casting from the foundry to the machine shop. HFM provides a full range of services that streamlines the brass/bronze sand casting and machining process-we are a one-stop shop!

Hebert Foundry & Machine produces brass sand castings and bronze sand castings in sizes that range from fractions of an ounce to 400 pounds; from 3/8 inch to 120 inches in width or length; and from one piece to tens of thousands of units.

HFM provides brass sand castings and bronze sand castings in following copper base alloys

  • 115 alloy CDA83600 leaded red brass for valve and general use
  • 132 alloy CDA83450 low lead red brass for potable water
  • 205 alloy CDA90700 leaded tin bronze for bushings and gears
  • 210 alloy CDA90500
  • 225 alloy CDA90300
  • 245 alloy CDA92200
  • 305 alloy CDA93700 high lead tin bronze for bushings
  • 310 alloy CDA93400
  • 315 alloy CDA93200
  • 319 alloy CDA93800
  • 403 alloy CDA85400 yellow brass for decorative and plumbing
  • 405.2 alloy CDA85700 for mechanical and polished components
  • 415-9D alloy CDA95500 nickel-aluminum-bronze for high strength, wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance. This alloy can substitute for steel and stainless in many applications. This alloy can be easily TIG welded and can be welded to cast iron, steel, and stainless metals.
  • 421 alloy CDA86500 manganese bronze for high strength applications
  • 423 alloy CDA86200
  • 424 alloy CDA86300 for highest strength applications
  • 500E alloy CDA87300 silicon bronze for fine detail, decorative, and mechanical uses
  • 500 alloy CDA87800 silicon brass for valve and other plumbing and decorative applications
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